Welcome to the Geognosis Project

This project brings together people who devote themselves, entirely or partially, to the application of knowledge engineering approaches, mainly the event bush method, to the geoscientific tasks. The team of the project may vary but the core remains the same since 2003. Here we present our state-of-the-art, the latest news and upcoming events. To contact us, please feel free to drop a line at cpshenichny@yandex.ru.

Permanent team members:

Cyril Pshenichny (project leader) email cpshenichny@yandex.ru; personal webpage; page at Research Gate

Victoria Shterkhun email: logika81@yandex.ru

Alexander Rezyapkin email: alex_rez@inbox.ru

Zinaida Khrabrykh email: zinaida.khrabrykh@gmail.com

Others come in and out. Newcomers always welcome both from the geoscience and computer/information/semantic science sides.

Our Publications (selected):

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Current Research:

Structural geology – theoretic foundations

Regional geology and tectonics of the Southern India

Knowledge engineering in volcanology

Changbaishan (Baekdusan) volcano, China/North Korea

Collaborative studies in seismology – semantics and syntax of site effect models

Theory and methodology of drilling

Quaternary and glacial geology: conceptual modeling of glacier evolution

Economic geology: conceptual modeling of evolution of mineral projects

Our Partners (selected):

Paolo Diviacco, Roberto Carniel,  Stephen Henley, Alexander Sobolev, Vladimir Anokhin, Biju LonghinosHaiquan WeiSilvina GuzmanPavel LunevKirill Khvorostovsky.

Some milestones since 2012

2012 Knowledge Engineering and Mathematical Geology, virtual colloquium at KESW-2012

2015 Collaborative Knowledge in Research Networks

2015 Mathematical Geology and Knowledge Engineering — Vistelius session, 25-27 November 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 Knowledge Engineering and Mathematical Geology

Upcoming events

European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2019

Session TS12.2/ESSI1.10

Conceptual Tectonics: Proof and Refutation in Tectonic Knowledge 

Convener: Vladimir Anokhin (vladanokhin@yandex.ru)

Co-conveners: Kristine Asch , Paolo Diviacco , Biju Longhinos 

Session description

With the impressive theoretical progress of last decades, the global tectonics is about to reach a state that is quite unique not only for geology but for any descriptive domain of knowledge. This is the state of so high elaboration and maturity that a theory may be subject, like some theories of physics, chemistry, algebra and geometry, to the most rigorous inspection ever suggested in the science – the inspection for being formal sensu mathematical logic. Still, to bring the global tectonics to this state, quite a work remains to be done. This is an exciting cross-disciplinary work of knowledge engineers and geologists that would result in a quite new level of understanding the Earth and new quality of scientific collaboration on it.

However, being so different from all the fields that underwent such “high formalization” so far, the tectonics needs special formal treatment, which, in turn, requires special logico-mathematical formalism complementary to the traditional predicate logic. Thus the scope of this session appears highly cross-disciplinary, claiming for a joint intellectual journey of field geologists, experimentalists and modelers, IT specialists and computer scientists, logicians and mathematicians. 

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Deadline for abstract submission is 10 January 2019.


Dynamic Knowledge Representaion in Scientific Domains

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Email: cpshenichny@yandex.ru

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Summit caldera lake at Tianchi Volcano, China/North Korea. Photo by Cyril Pshenichny